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About us

We are dedicated to improve patient care

around the world.

Our team is applying its deep knowledge and extensive experience in technology, business, and health to help solve the access gap to MRI services.


Through our breakthrough platform, TorusMedic delivers a solution that is patient-centered, powered by technology, and built to scale.

Our vision

We aim to make MRI scans and diagnostics accessible to more communities around the world.

Our end-to-end solution is designed to meet the needs of both patients and health care providers, while offering a business model that drives efficient patient care, improved operations, and sustainable growth.

Our impact

Our business strategy is strongly aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.


SDG 10: Reduced inequalities

We are working to reduce inequality within and among countries.


Access to quality MRI  diagnostic services is a problem worldwide, and we are bringing our solution to underserved communities around the world.



SDG 3: Good health and wellbeing

We are working to ensure healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all. 


Our model is designed to provide advanced rapid MRI diagnostic imaging services to populations that have challenges accessing quality care.


Good health
and well-being


Decent work and
economic growth

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

We promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth through productive employment.


Our solution is customized to each location, with professional training in healthcare, technology, and business  provided to develop the local professional community.

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Team & Advisory Board

Multi-disciplinary team with deep industry expertise and connections in business and academia.


Shlomo Yanai

Executive Board

Chairman of the Board at Lumenis

Former Chairman of BOD at Cambrex & former CEO at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

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Prof. Dr. Dina Pomeranz

Advisory Board 

Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Zurich

Dina Pomeranz is a renowned economist who is committed to improving public policy in developing countries. Her research on taxation, procurement, business growth and environmental issues has been published in leading journals and won prestigious awards. She is a leading voice in evidence-based policy making and is an active advocate for sustainable development.

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Spring Gombe

Regional Board 

Partner + Principal, Policy and Advocacy.

Spring Gombe is an experienced global health advocate with a background in biology and has spearheaded efforts to improve access to healthcare for vulnerable groups. She has worked with leading organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam and DNDi and currently leads Public Affairs at Market Access Africa, which strengthens African health systems and promotes medical innovation.

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TZ YA.png

Tzippy Yanai

Tzippy is an experienced systems analyst and implementation specialist with more than 12 years of experience. Use my expertise to facilitate access to healthcare worldwide. At TorusMedic, I create initiatives to democratize MRI, CT and advanced diagnostics and close the gaps in healthcare for underserved communities worldwide.

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President & Founder


Jaron Bernstein

VP & Founder

Jaron is Founder of TorusMedic,  

 has extensive experience as an organizational consultant and COO, gained over 12 years in various global companies in the services and IT sector.

His expertise lies in optimizing processes, increasing efficiency, and promoting growth strategies in various industries.

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Dr. Claus W. Biermann


Medical & Strategy 

Senior Global Executive with 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry. He is a medical doctor, active in basic and experimental research and clinical operations in top global universities.
He is also a public health expert involved in health economics, healthcare policy and outcomes research activities with many global organizations, Philips and GE Healthcare, Deutsche Telekom and Janssen-Cilag.

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M web.png

Miriam Schnürer


Miriam is a seasoned healthcare professional with 30 years of experience in disruptive technologies, risk management and resilient organizations. She has held senior positions at leading global organizations and is a passionate advocate for digital transformation and the convergence of new technologies.

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Senior physician in radiology and neuroradiology; specialized in radiology at University hospital in Zurich, Switzerland.

Evgueni web.png

Dr. Evgueni Loukipoudis

Software Architecture

Evgueni, Experienced software development leader with a passion for building and scaling high performance teams to deliver key digital products. Expertise in collaborative innovation, open standards and architecture that drive business value and foster thriving ecosystems.

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Arjun.png Arjun Thanabalasingam

Senior Neuroradiology

Senior physician in radiology and neuroradiology; specialized in radiology at University hospital in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Dr. Daniel Chachu

Post doctoral Research Fellow At UZA

Daniel Chachu holds a PhD in Development Economics from a collaborative PhD program
between the United Nations University (UNU-WIDER) based in Helsinki, Finland and the
University of Ghana. He worked within the United Nations community (ILO) in various

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Dolev Cohen

Finance Specialist

Dolev, An experienced economist with a proven track record in corporate and project finance.

Headed the economics department at Ormat Technologies, a leading global provider of renewable energy solutions, and held several financial management positions at KPMG in Tel Aviv and London.

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